The Dream Pool

We’ll help you build your Dream backyard

There is a huge difference between simply installing a pool in your backyard and creating a tailored backyard to suit your lifestyle. We feel the most important part to creating the dream is working together. Maybe you already have a backyard vision, or maybe you only have a few ideas that we can help you expand. Either way there is much to consider to get it right.

Pool Shape

In picking your perfect pool shape to suit your individual lifestyle there is much to consider. Over the last 5/6 years the pool industry fad has been for a square rectangle straight sided pool. However, a curved free form shape may be the look you desire. Things to consider when picking your pool shape.

  • - Overall look of the shape
  • - Entry and Exit Points
  • - Depths, both shallow and deep
  • - Benches/Seating inside the pool shell.

Pool Colour

When picking your pool colour it is very important to know what colour is portrayed once the pool is full of water. The overall colour of your pool can completely change once filled.

Pool Fencing

In todays age the most common types of pool fencing in the industry is glass fences and power coated aluminium, this does not mean that these two types are your only options. There is also a lot of pool fencing laws and requirements that need to be taken into consideration when designing your overall pool fence.

Pool Gates

Is their any advantage to install more than one pool gate into your backyard pool fence design? Depending on your overall back yard maybe dual access to your pool will save you walking all the way around your pool area.

Pool Water

Salt Water, Fresh Water, Magnesium, Dead Sea Minerals In todays evolving pool industry there are so many different types of pool water to choose from. All the above mentioned water types are compatible with fibreglass pools and the different characteristics of these waters can be discussed at the pool quoting stage.

Water Features

There are many difference options to choose from in todays pool market, all depending on what desired effect you wish to create around your pool. Some of these options are; Spa Jets, Blowers/Manifolds, Sheer Decents/Waterfalls, Deck Jets, Sun Pods, Splash Downs etc.

Pool Surrounds

You will need to give consideration as to how you would like the surrounding area around your pool finished. Different materials in this area will have different impacts on how we install and finish the area around your pool. As an example, perhaps you would like a timber deck beside your pool, depending on your site it may be of benefit to install your pool higher out of the ground to accommodate for joists to build the timber deck. Other options to give considerations too may be; paving, exposed concrete, tiles, artificial grass, decking and normal grass.

Pool Height

There are requirements in the Australian standards that will need to be considered when discussing the overall height of your finished pool. The height of your pool is extremely important to your surrounding ground level and the importance of getting this right will have a big impact on the long jeopardy of your pool.

Pool Filtration

Have you given any consideration to where you want the pool filtration installed? Ideally we would like to position your filter within 8 metres of your pool.

Pool Area

Give a thought towards how you will live around your pool, will you entertain around your pool? If so, you may require room for chairs and a table, Sun lounges, gazebo’s, umbreallas, pool slides etc. All these items will help determine how much you may need inside the pool area, which in turn will help with the position of the pool fence.

Sloping Land

If the ground is sloping where you envisage the pool to be installing in your back/front yard, you may require a pre cut. Alternatively we may be able to build up your yard making a level pad with the dirt that comes our of excavation (pool hole). There is also the possibility that retaining walls may be needed. With everybody’s backyard being different this is a discussion that will be had on site and at time of the pool quote. Drainage/Surface water must also be directed away from the pool.

Pool Heating

The two main options to heat your pool are solar heating or a heat pump system. You may not wish to install a heating system straight away but is a great idea to install all the fittings needed in the pool at the time of the pool being installed. By doing this, at a later date, installing pool heating will be much easier process.