Water Features That Look Fantastic With Fibreglass Pools

When it comes to creating an oasis in your backyard, few elements are as desirable as a pool. But in the modern home-design landscape, a pool alone is no longer enough to make a splash. The rise of fibreglass pools has redefined homeowners’ expectations, offering a canvas for creativity that suits any taste or space. One of the most alluring additions to enhance the allure of a fibreglass pool is the water feature – a touch of elegance and tranquillity that takes your aquatic oasis to new heights.

In this comprehensive guide, we’re jumping into the crystal-clear waters of water features and how they can be expertly paired with fibreglass pools. Whether you’re a homeowner envisioning a resort-style backyard or a landscape designer seeking inspiration, this post is your compass to navigating the world of water-pool synergy.

Understanding the Allure of Fibreglass Pools

Before we immerse ourselves in the gushing world of water features, it’s essential to understand the appeal of fibreglass pools. These pools offer a smooth, non-porous surface that’s not only durable but also resistant to staining and algae, making maintenance a breeze. Their quick installation time, versatility in design, and potential for lifetime warranties have seen a surge in their popularity among homeowners looking for a hassle-free water retreat.

The Tranquil Symphony of Water Features

Water has an innate ability to soothe the spirit, and this meditative quality is amplified when water features are introduced. While the aesthetics are a significant draw, the auditory and sensory experience they provide creates an entirely new dimension within the pool environment.

Imagine the soft patter of a fountain, the mighty roar of a cascading waterfall, or the serene elegance of a vanishing-edge pool – each sound blending with the water’s rhythm to create a tranquil symphony that can transform not just your pool area but the entire atmosphere of your home.


Selecting Water Features That Pair Perfectly

Not all water features are created equal, and selecting the right one for your fibreglass pool requires thoughtful consideration. Here are some popular options and how they harmonise with the sleek lines and contemporary comforts fibreglass pools offer.

Fountains and Bubblers

Fountains and bubblers truly become the heart and soul of any poolside gathering, elevating the atmosphere with their dynamic presence. They infuse a sense of liveliness and visual charm, particularly enchanting during the twilight hours when softly illuminated by carefully placed lights. Catering to homeowners seeking to optimise limited space or embrace a contemporary style, deck jets and laminar fountains offer a delightful combination of playfulness and understated elegance.


Waterfalls truly epitomise the tropical paradise feel, where the mesmerising cascade of water adds a touch of magic as it gracefully flows into the pool. The combination of natural rock and stone elements in many waterfall designs not only brings a sense of rugged beauty but also serves as a striking contrast to the sleek appearance of a fibreglass pool, resulting in a visually captivating focal point that enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the outdoor space.

Vanishing Edges

Also known as infinity pools, vanishing edges give the illusion of water flowing over the pool’s edge into the horizon. This feature is synonymous with luxury and, when paired with a fibreglass pool, can create a seamless, minimalist design that’s both modern and captivating.

In-Pool Features

For the ultimate integration of water and pool, look no further than in-pool features like submerged benches or tanning ledges with built-in bubblers. These features not only add a new level of comfort and functionality but also an artistic element that’s as beautiful to look at as it is to use.


Integration Is Key: Designing for Harmony

The successful integration of a water feature is more than just adding it to the pool; it’s about creating a design that ensures both pool and feature enhance each other.

Consider the space available and the intended use of the pool area. Are you aiming for a family-friendly space where kids can play under a gentle waterfall, or a serene oasis where a cascading wall provides the soundtrack for your morning swim? The right placement, scale, and flow of each element will maximise impact and enjoyment.

It’s also crucial to maintain a coherent design language. Whether you’re leaning towards a contemporary look that favours linear water features or a more naturalistic approach with rock formations and a meandering stream, the pool and water feature should be parts of the same aesthetic story.

Maintenance and Cost-Efficiency

Beyond the initial installation, ongoing maintenance and operational costs need to be factored in when choosing a water feature. The running costs of waterfalls and fountains, for example, can vary significantly based on their size and the amount of water they circulate. Additionally, consider the long-term maintenance requirements, as some features may need more care than others to keep them in top condition.

It’s worth exploring eco-friendly options and technologies such as variable-speed pumps and solar-powered systems, which can help lower energy usage and, by extension, the associated costs.

Finding the Optimal Water-Pool Balance

A well-designed water feature can significantly elevate the look and feel of your fibreglass pool, but finding the right balance is key. You want the feature to be a highlight, not a distraction, and its presence to enhance the pool experience without overpowering it.

Experiment with different lighting schemes, materials, and landscaping to create a space where the pool and water feature coexist in perfect harmony. Remember, the best designs are those that reflect your personal style and invite you to enjoy your slice of poolside paradise to the fullest.

Fibreglass pools and water features presents a captivating opportunity for homeowners to re-imagine their outdoor living spaces. By selecting the right feature, integrating it thoughtfully into the pool’s design, and ensuring efficiency in operation and maintenance, you can create a backyard that doesn’t just stand the test of time but welcomes it with the constant flow and interplay of water. Give our friendly pool builders a call today to get started!